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Meet Jayson 

Jayson is a Burlington-based floral designer who specializes in creating inspired arrangements for weddings, corporate events, and photo styling throughout New England. He and his team have had the pleasure of working with the top professionals and venues in the industry. Whether you are looking for classic, modern, rustic-elegance, or something new all together, Jayson and his team combine their expertise to bring your vision to life.


Growing up in Vermont, Jayson was surrounded by natural beauty. From an early age, he found himself enchanted by the spring trillium, the summer fern, the fall foliage, and the winter green. The natural world was his playground and plants were his best friends. While most children were busy selling lemonade at a roadside stand, Jayson was vending tiny hand picked bouquets. He made his first wreath at the age of six, which eventually led to a lifetime of original work.


Jayson's formative years nurtured his love of botanicals, which transitioned into making his dream of working in the field of professional floral design a reality. With more than two decades of experience and a life-long passion. Jayson continues to create floral masterpieces.

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